Our History: 20 Years and Counting!

Early Beginnings

The Gateway Education Foundation, a not for profit corporation, was formed on November 4, 1994 by former Superintendent of Gateway School District, Wayne Doyle.  The purpose of the foundation was to provide a means whereby private and public sector sources could contribute funds to support programs, projects, and activities which would enhance the educational goals of the Gateway School District.

Restructuring to Expand Our Impact

In 2014, the Gateway Education Foundation began an intensive internal reorganization in order to expand its impact within the district.  The board began its reorganization by electing two new members to lead the Foundation in a new direction.  Under the leadership of its newly elected Chairman, Brian McBee, and Vice Chairman, Chad Stubenbort, the Foundation designed and implemented a wide range of internal changes designed to better meet the needs of the students, teachers, and other stakeholders of the Gateway School District.  The Foundation restructured its membership, processes, and procedures in order to efficiently serve the community.

Helping More Students and Teachers Achieve Success

Over the coming months, the Foundation intends to expand its services from the issuance of grants to teachers, to also include scholarships to graduating seniors, student achievement awards, sponsorship of school events, a district-wide Teacher of The Year award, alumni events, and much more!  The board of directors is confident in the direction that the Foundation is moving and is excited to continue to expand its positive impact within the Gateway School District.